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Yerkebulan Napiyev


Yerkebulan800My name is Yerkebulan Napiyev. I am a third year student of AUOG, Atyrau (Kazakhstan). At the moment of writing this short essay, my stay in Leszno comes to its end and I guess, only at this moment I started to realize that these are the last days of incredible period in Leszno. And for this reason, it’s very difficult to write this kind of essay as I feel extremely sad. However, now, I have an intention to remember how four and half month started. So, let me start my short narrative story.

Having heard that International Office was looking for students for student mobility program for Fall Semester of 2016, I was one of the first who were on the list of candidates. Students were supposed to be chosen based on the results of exams provided. As a result, seven students, who successfully passed exams and met with necessary criteria, were selected. I was among these lucky ones. Selected students were divided up so that four of them would go to Turin (Italy) and the rest would go to Leszno (Poland). It was decided that three of us plus two other students from the Erasmus program were selected to go to Poland. So, I can say that it’s not me who chose Poland, but Poland chose me. And at that time I did not know I was lucky for the second time to be among those five…

We arrived in Poland 30th of September. I can say that I still remember those first feelings of excitement and anticipation of upcoming months while standing in the Visa Control Zone at Warsaw Airport. From the capital city, we got to Leszno through a series of transport changes. And from the first glimpse, I found Leszno to be a very good city, in terms of contemplating and exploring a true life of Polish people. Unlike big cities, like Poznan, Wroclaw and Krakow, Leszno is quite small, but it has a unique soul. Moreover, it has an exceptional atmosphere, being a peaceful place to live. And it is obvious that this kind of city has inhabitants, who are accustomed to living in a calm way, and who enjoy and appreciate this calmness. From the beginning, they were always willing to help in any situation. I guess because of this main trait of them, our stay in Leszno has been without any difficulties. Particularly, staff of International Department and students of the Faculty of Tourism did a huge amount of work, organizing thematic events and team building activities. Thank you, guys, for taking care of us and preventing us to feel homesick!

To conclude… what a wonderful four and half months, which passed very quickly. It was pure joy to spend this time among amazing guys and incredible staff in a beautiful Leszno. All these unforgettable moments will always occupy a special place in my memory. THANKS A LOT, LESZNO!!!


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