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Yekaterina Khloptseva

Khloptceva2"Why Poland, why Leszno and how"

I still remember that day when I saw that I had been selected for Poland and I was making sketches in mind about Leszno. When I came to this beautiful small city, my first step out of train station was into a completely different infrastructure, culture and language. My mind was already prepared to take these challenges and I was excited about learning new language, meeting new people and taking courses at a different university. Many things become easier for me with the support of the cool guys in the international department., who helped me a lot to integrate. Support from Polish students made us feel at homeJ

During my state here I found some differences and similarities between Kazakhstan and Poland.

Firstly, language was a completely new experience for me but I am happy to count myself as beginner now. I learned basics which are enough to let me communicate with people here. I would love to learn more if I get a chance in future again.

Polish people are really kind and hospitable, if you ask something they will give you good advice. I was in Polish family a few times and I like their lifestyle.

National food - it’s different from Kazakh but I liked it as well. Spices and herbs of this country are so appealing that I can’t resist but to fall in love with Polish food.

Holidays is special hereJI was in Poznan on St.Marcin Day and experienced unforgettable emotions. We don’t have such kind of celebration in KZ. Of course I want to mention Christmas. It’s a special event for me too, because I felt like in the fairytale at this period and I saw how people prepared for it, their eyes were shining!!!

Frankly, I am very glad that there is such program, where we can see another country with its own traditions and language, and to live with native people. Learning, love and compassion will make it difficult for me to leave Poland!!!

In the end I want to thank the International Department of PWSZ. Your help in meeting other international students is highly appreciated. We really enjoyed all the cool events and got a chance to know Polish hospitality and kindness.

I would like to highlight separately the teachers of PWSZ. They understood that we are students from abroad and they also helped us. For example: they translated lectures in English for us.

Of course I want to mention students of PWSZ. Guys, you helped us too!!When a teacher didn’t speak English or Russian, we could ask you and there was always a very helpful response.

Poland will remain in my heart forever!!!


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