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Nazerke Alpiyarova

Alpiyarova800When I was told that I passed the test and I would be able to study 1 semester in Leszno (Poland) as part of the academic mobility scheme, my happiness knew no bounds. I was looking forward to a trip to Leszno, and counted the days. During my stay here, I opened a lot of interesting things for myself, and I got significant experiences. Moreover, Leszno is very modest town that I really liked. Here I have seen a true life of Poles, here you will be surely appropriated the title “Pan” or “Pani”. Polish people are very sympathetic, balanced and always ready to help. They are restraint, and they love freedom so much. It is undeniable that Polish cuisine is characterized by uncommon dishes with accurate taste. They can be salty, sweet or sour. My favorite dish which I have tried here is Pierogi. Also, I have had an excellent opportunity to make the tour around Poland, having visited some cities, such as Poznan, Krakow, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Gdansk, Sopot, Torun and Bydgoszcz. These 4 and a half months in Leszno went so fast. Poland is the special country with rich history. I would like to thank everyone, especially International Department of PWSZ for the fact that I felt at home here and for this great opportunity. I do hope to come back in the future.

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