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Marina Kryukova


Kryukova800When I found out that I would be able to study in Poland, I began to learn more about the country, ask students who had been there last year. And I started counting the days to our trip.

Leszno - small, cozy and quiet town, which is ideal for life. A city where everyone knows each other, people are kind, sympathetic, always ready to help you.

The most difficult thing for a foreigner like myself , is a new language. It was difficult to explain to the teachers, and people in the street, at the shop. But we rescued by PWSZ students, who helped us when the teacher did not speak English or Russian. In addition, we had a wonderful teacher of Polish language, thanks to whom we know now the basic words, and I had a desire to learn the language in the future.

During our stay here, I found a lot of interesting things, and have something to think about. Our stay in Poland went by so quickly. We visited many Polish cities, which have its own history.

I felt like a Pole here, and I'm very grateful for that. Special thanks go to the International Department of PWSZ and students who helped us very much. I hope that I will return here again.


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