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Daniyar Yessenzholov

Yessenzholov800At first, just when I came to Poland (it was my first time being in Europe),I was adapting over a week to the weather conditions. But, it was a very special impression, the fact that I’ll study in Europe. During first days, Kostiantin and Mikolaj helped us very much to coordinate in the school system, and not only.

And dormitory was better than I expected. My expectations about Poland and Europe hd been justified, and I’ve been happy about that. And, I was very excited about the fact that the teachers were very friendly. Also, I was worried about my future classmates, but the worries passed away very quickly.They were friendly, but Ekaterina gave me a lot of support to overcome some difficulties.

Slowly I began to notice more and more about differences between Europe and Kazakhstan. There have been a lot of good differences, but not only. Maybe, I noticed them because later I started to miss my birthplace, my homeland.
But, there I had a lot of free time, so I could do my many things, so that that occurred to me to experience some creative mood, that I couldn’t create in my home. And gradually, my world view and ideologies have been changed significantly. My mindset is also changed.

To sum up, I have created a lot unforgettable memories and I have changed significantly so I’m very happy that I had this opportunity to live a over 4 months in Poland to obtain some good things. So, I’m very happy that I had spent some time there, and used some great opportunities, which were created by Kostiantin .Also, I’m very thankful to Kostiantin and Mikolaj for their great support, they were incredibly friendly. would be happy to visit Leszno again, but I think I wouldn’t have this opportunity in the future. So, thank you all for support!


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