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Chancellor - dr Janusz Poła, doc.

studiowDr Janusz Poła was born on 26 April 1957 in Wrocław. The hobbies and interests in sport and team games pursued since childhood have contributed greatly to his whole life and career. His mother, the teacher of Polish, encouraged Janusz`s interest in literature and shaped his humanistic sensitivity. His father, a professional soldier, the Polish Army officer taught him discipline and showed how beneficial doing various sports, keeping fit, having a good contact with nature and its understanding can be for a young boy, thus the expeditions to the forest accompanied by both Janusz`s brother and their father left a lot behind.

For Janusz, the period of school years is closely associated with the unforgettable ambiance of carefreeness, the joy of competition, sports struggles, and his favorite music played from black, vinyl records, the Beatles` songs (so hard to obtain at that time) and those parties… but with sport and handball in the first place.

The choice what to study seemed obvious – University School of Physical Education in Wrocław, the city of amazing atmosphere towards the end of the seventies, cult “Jazz Nad Odrą” festival, the Center of Student Community Culture “Pałacyk” as the meeting place for students from various schools and universities; set texts read between classes, fascination with Latin - American literature, second - hand books, feverish discussions on how to change the world. Anything was possible… Eventually, the defense of the Master’s degree thesis on teaching methods supervised by dr. doc. Bolesław Słupik and becoming a teacher, preceded however by military service at Reserve Officer Cadet School in Elbląg, Morąg and Żagań, accomplished as a platoon officer cadet. The service was hardship. Tanks seem romantic and attractive only in a movie. Moreover, martial law was declared. Today, as second lieutenant of reserve, Janusz recollects comical episodes from the barracks and training ground with a smile on his face, whereas the photos give evidence of unforgettable experiences.

As a Physical Education teacher, Janusz has been closely related to the school at Kościuszki Square in Leszno, whose name was frequently altered ranging from the Secondary School of General Education Center, Teacher Training School, Secondary School of General Education and Pedagogy Center, Teacher Training College to III High School. In each of them, however, his job has been to teach Physical Education. Over time, dr Janusz Poła has linked the function of a teacher with administrative activities, since he became head of specialties at the Teacher Training College or lecturer and deputy head of the Institute of Physical Education at Jan Amos Komeński State School of Higher Vocational Education in Leszno.

Handball is his life passion. In 1988 he was awarded the title of II class coach in this sport. Since 1986, together with Ryszard Kmiecik they have put a lot of effort into establishing the AROT Tęcza club in Leszno. The team, playing in II league, has achieved a lot of successes:

-          the Finals of the Polish Sub Junior Championships in 1997;

-          Championship of Denmark, three years later, in 2000, as junior older;

-          Triple National Championship of the Academic Sports Association. Worth mentioning is the fact that one of the members of the said team was B. Jurecki, a Beijing Olympian, former student of Jan Amos Komeński State School of Higher Vocational Education in Leszno.

Taking up employment at higher education institution Janusz treated a challenge. His academic interests led to attending a PhD seminar conducted by Professor Zbigniew Drozdowski, a great authority as well as a great man. The research into student physical activities was followed by numerous academic articles, participation in conferences, and eventually a PhD dissertation entitled “The state of physical development, fitness and activity of the students of State School of Higher Vocational Education in Leszno” supervised by prof. dr hab. Sławomir Drozdowski, defended in 2008.

The scope of duties and responsibilities of the vice - rector for studies and student affairs.

1. The responsibilities result from the contents of this document as well as the Rules and Regulations of the School, resolutions of the Senate and the directives related to the range of activities of the Vice - Rector for Studies and Student Affairs, and to the powers granted by the Rector.2. The Vice - Rector for Studies and Student Affairs shall fulfill his duties pursuant to the regulations of Law on Higher Education Act of 27 July 2005, the Public Finance Act of 27 August 2009, the Liability for Public Finance Breach of Discipline of 17 December 2004and in the School’s statute.3. The fundamental scope of responsibilities of the Vice - Rector for Studies and Student Affairs shall embrace as follows:- education in two modes of first cycle studies: part–time and full –time;- postgraduate studies, specialist courses etc.;- social issues and self-government activities within the scope herein as well as the scope of the powers granted by the rector;- the Vice - Rector for Studies and Student Affairs shall represent the School externally.4. The Vice - Rector for Studies and Student Affairs shall report to the rector. The Rector might extend, alter or specify the responsibilities set herein.5. The Vice - Rector for Studies and Student Affairs shall fulfill his duties directly or by agency of heads of institutes, their deputies or heads of units. These include:-          overseeing the activities of the Studies and In-service Training Department as well as scholarship matters;-          overseeing the activities of the Academic Sports Association Club, the School’s drama club, the choir, the Department of Foreign Languages, the School’s research clubs.

  1. The Vice - Rector for Studies and Student Affairs shall cooperate with the Rector’s proxy for quality of education, the Rector’s proxy for the School advances in informatization, Promotion & Career Office, Student Government, the Senate Board for Education, the Chancellor in terms of dormitory matters.
  1. The Vice - Rector for Studies and Student Affairs shall be responsible for, as follows:
  1. Within the process of education:

-          initiating and coordinating the development of studies and systems of education, supervising the compliance of the study programs and curricula with binding standards;
-          initiating and evaluating new fields of study (especially the inter-institutional ones), including postgraduate studies and courses which shall effectively follow the School’s development strategy;
-          modernizing education processes, including the introduction of new information technologies, which shall raise the level and quality of education;
-          monitoring functioning of education quality processes and collecting the data regarding didactic processes in databases;
-          coordinating the recruitment operations including the recruitment limits and overseeing the application processes to the rector to appoint:                             


The School Recruitment Board. The Institutes Recruitment Board
-          supervising student practice systems;
-          cooperating with the vice - rector for research and development in the scope of international student exchange;
-          overseeing didactic responsibilities distribution among academics, taking the number of students in each class into consideration, upon the rector’s relevant directives;
-          overseeing the diplomas and diploma supplements issuance;
-          overseeing the observance of the School’s regulations;
-          monitoring students disciplinary issues;
-          monitoring records in the Central Student Register.


  1. Student affairs:

Supervising the financial assistance fund scheme, particularly in terms of:-          expansion and modernization of social basis;-          the School` scholarship politics;-          financial help provided in case of accident;-          widely understood support for students` cultural, social and sporting activities.Monitoring the School’s research clubs as well as student associations;Overseeing the distribution of fund’s resources for academic, cultural and sporting activities and monitoring the expenses incurred by:-          the School’s research groups;-          Student Government and student organizations;-          the School’s choir and drama club.Overseeing educational and organizational activities of Komenik dormitory.Raising the cooperation level with youth associations and the bodies of Student Government;Establishing the system of student self-help for those who need it.

  1. Financial issues :

-          monitoring the aims accomplishment within subordinate units according to the assets and finance scheme of the School;-          monitoring didactic charges settlement within the Institutes and the Foreign Languages Department;-          concluding contracts between the School and full - time, part – time and postgraduate students as well as supervising the school fee and other payments to be settled by students.

  1. The Vice - Rector for studies and student affairs shall decide upon the property within his sector. The above mentioned tasks are carried out by the School’s administration department reporting to the chancellor.
  2. The Vice - Rector for Studies and Student Affairs shall supervise the reporting department involving his department’s scope of responsibilities.

The Vice - Rector for Studies and Student Affairs shall chair and participate in the activities of the committees and consultative teams, upon the Rector’s decisions.


  • Main building and the Multifunctional Lecture Hall
    ul. Mickiewicza 5
  • Dormitory
    ul. Opalińskich 1
  • School Library
    ul. Opalińskich 1
  • Labs of the Institute of Health
    ul. Kiepury
  • Centre for Practical Training
    ul. Narutowicza 74
  • Complex of Schools of Agriculture and Construction
    ul. 1-go Maja 1


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