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Rector, prof. Maciej Pietrzak

naukiHis Magnificence, the Rector of Jan Amos Komeński State School of Higher Vocational Education – prof. dr hab. Maciej Pietrzak

Born on 28 July 1954, a geographer, landscape ecologist, academic;

1973 – 1977 Geography at Department of Biology and Earth Sciences at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań;

1978 – military service at Reserve Officers School in Koszalin and Leszno;

Master’s and doctoral degree in geographical sciences in the scope of physical geography (1986) supervised by prof. Tadeusz Bartkowski;

1999 – PhD of Earth Science in Physical Geography, Department of Geography and Regional Studies of the University of Wrocław;

2012 - Earth Science Professor;

Since 1977 – Assistant – trainee, assistant and senior assistant at Institute of Environmental Basics of Tourism and Recreation at Department of Tourism and Recreation at University School of Physical Education in Poznań;

1986 – 2000, following the Institute rearrangement – lecturer at Department of Tourist Geography at Tourism and Recreation Department of University School of Physical Education in Poznań;

1989 - 1994 Department of Plants Ecology and Environmental Protection specialist,

Adam Mickiewicz University;

Since 2000 – University School of Physical Education in Poznań and Jan Amos Komeński State School of Higher Vocational Education in Leszno Associate Professor;

2000 – 2012 Head of Landscape Syntheses Division at Department of Tourism and Recreation of University School of Physical Education in Poznań, currently – employed at Tourism Geography and Landscape Division, University School of Physical Education;

2000 - 2008 Head of Institute of Tourism at Jan Amos Komeński State School of Higher Vocational Education in Leszno;

2008 - 2012 – Vice-Rector for Research and Development of Jan Amos Komeński State School of Higher Vocational Education in Leszno,

2012 - 2016 – Rector of Jan Amos Komeński State School of Higher Vocational Education in Leszno

-         teaching activities - classes and lectures on Tourist Geography and Landscape Ecology among others, field practice, bachelor and master degree pro-seminars, 1992 - 1994 and 1996 - 1998 – lectures on Landscape Geography for “Environmental Biology” and “Biological Basics of Protecting and Shaping Environment” at the Department of Biology of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, 1993 - 2002 lectures on “Environmental Protection and Landscape Architecture” at the Department of Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering at Academy of Agriculture in Poznań. 2005 – classes on Designing Recreation and Sporting Space at postgraduate studies “Designing Landscape Structures” at Fine Arts Academy in Poznań.

-    in 1991, 1992 and 1994 – Landscape Ecology program and several months` academic placement supervised by Professor K.- F. Schreiber at the Institute of Westfalen Landscape at Wilhelm University in Münster (Germany) as a scholarship holder of the TEMPUS and DAAD programs.

-    journeys and stays for academic and tourist purposes within the following areas and countries: the Caucasus and the Balkans (Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria), Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Benelux as well as China, Macau, Hong Kong, Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.

The scope of interests: the theory and methodology of complex physical geography, the ecology and structure of landscape, “distinguishing” landscape units, landscape valorisation, evaluating and shaping landscape for recreation purposes.

The supervisor of approximately 200 master and bachelor degree theses as well as two doctoral ones, the reviewer of doctoral and habilitation degrees, the reviewer of research grants.  

The author and co-author of about 100 publications including „Problemy i metody badania struktury geokompleksu (as exemplified by the Biskupice modeling surface)”, Wyd. Nauk UAM, Poznań, 1989, 125 s.; „Syntezy krajobrazowe – założenia, problemy, zastosowania”, Wyd. Nauk. Bogucki, Poznań, 1998, 168 s.; „Granice krajobrazowe – podstawy teoretyczne i znaczenie praktyczne”(red.), a series: The problems of landscape ecology, t. 7, Poznań, 2000, 269 s.; „Podstawy i zastosowania ekologii krajobrazu – teoria i metodologia”, Wyd. Nauk. PWSZ, Leszno, 2010, 161 s.

The co-founder, member, vice-chairman (1993 – 2007) and chairman (since 2007) of the Polish Association for Landscape Ecology (PAEK), member of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE), member of the Program Council of a scientific journal “The Problems of Landscape Ecology”.

Awards and honourable mentions: II award for scientific achievements in the Professor R. Trześniowski National Competition for Junior Academics of Physical Education (1990),

Silver Badge of Merit “Distinguished Activist in Tourism” (1990), a badge of merit for “Services for Tourism”, Gold Badge of Merit for “Services for Environmental Protection and Water Management” (1999), Jędrzej Śniadecki Gold Medal (University School of Physical Education, Poznań), “Silver Cross of Merit” (2004), “National Board of Education Medal” (2007), “Medal for Long-standing Service” (2010).

Hobby: scientific work, traveling, caravanning and automobile tourism, contact with nature, rock music, the poetry of Norwid, his dog, Giga.


  • Main building and the Multifunctional Lecture Hall
    ul. Mickiewicza 5
  • Dormitory
    ul. Opalińskich 1
  • School Library
    ul. Opalińskich 1
  • Labs of the Institute of Health
    ul. Kiepury
  • Centre for Practical Training
    ul. Narutowicza 74
  • Complex of Schools of Agriculture and Construction
    ul. 1-go Maja 1


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